Spectro is a ring under your command. The device is an accessory with the ability to capture your favorite colors from the real world.

A Colorful Idea

My professor assigned a project for PBDS 662, Design for Digital Environments about developing a technology for a specific community. As a designer, I like to get involved in the design community. Therefore, I wanted to think about what kind of technology would improve a designer's capabilities. At the time, I was thinking about color and how it is ubiquitous. I wanted to create a product that would bridge between designers and the beautiful colors of the world.

Capture The Colors of the World

I have started my research to search for similar products, services, or applications that focus on color. Scribble is a pen that can register any color in the device and use the colors instantly on paper, canvas, or a computer. Adobe Capture is an application for mobile devices to create your own shapes, colors, fonts, patterns, and brushes. Then, I had to brainstorm an approach that would refrain the user to take out his/her phone. Suddenly, I had thought about a ring accessory with the power to scan and capture colors in the real world.

The Power of The Ring

First, I had to design the logotype and logomark. Spectro was chosen to be the name to represent the device. It is derived from the word, "spectrum", meaning colors of light. The logotype was designed using the typeface, Tondo. The logomark was a simple design to reflect the straightforwardness and functionality of the device. These designs would be applied on packaging and applications.

Then, it was sketching the design of the ring. The ring wasn't an ordinary accessory. The device would have two features: the camera and the USB port. Those components play a pivotal role of the device. Once I have perfected the concept of the ring, it was time to transform the ring into a photorealistic product on Adobe Dimension.

Finally, I had to design the user interface for the mobile application. It is important to consider the user experience and design the interface around that approach. It had to be simple, yet effective, so that the application is not complicated for various users. When the user opens the application, he/she will approach the landing page. There is a "Log In" and "Sign Up" button and the user will select the appropriate option. Once the user has set up his/her account, they will be introduced to their color library. This page registers the user's colors that he/she has captured with their ring and save them in their personal library.

The Goal and Beyond

Spectro is a convenient, stylish device for designers to capture their favorite colors. This product eliminates the extra steps to take out your phone and open the application. Now, designers can wear the ring, capture the color, and register it to their library. This is an innovative technology that will revolutionize the design industry.