Space Jam 2

The Space Jam 2 project is a redesign of the Space Jam website. Space Jam premiered in 1996 and recently, there are rumors that Space Jam will be getting a sequel. The team decided to revive the website for the upcoming sequel and design the site with a modern style and functionality.

The Original Space Jam

My professor assigned a project for IDIA 616 to redesign the Space Jam website. My team had visited the website, and it was a horrible design. The website had a repeated background image with illegible text, confusing navigation, and an unresponsive design. Overall, the site was outdated.

Space Jam Website

Old School to New School

We have started to take a tour of the website and make our observation. Then, we had gathered the information and started the brainstorming session. Obviously, we knew that the entire website had a lot of problems.

First, the website was illegible. The typefaces were bright red and yellow that the text was lost in the background and difficult to read. Secondly, the navigation was confusing. There was a lack of direction, hierarchy, and consistency and visitors will get lost. Lastly, the website is not responsive. Despite that responsive design did not exist in 1996, technology is evolving and websites must be responsive for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. After we have targeted the problems, we have determined that we need to focus on legibility, navigation, and responsiveness to improve the user's experience.

Redesigning The Jam

First, we have assigned each team member to design a specific page. Then, we had to organize the information and create a sitemap. We have condensed the primary links from the original design to six pages: "Home", "The Lineup", "Space Shop", "Junior Jam", "Behind The Jam", and "Space Jam News".

I was assigned the "The Lineup" page and I had to create a wireframe. I wanted to keep the same information, but create a layout to organize the content. There are four sections to represent the series of characters: Looney Tunes, Monstars, NBA Players, and Other Cast. In each section, the character's name and description will be displayed on the left while the image of the character on the right. Underneath the description, there are buttons depicting a character. When a user clicks on a button, the text and image will change according to the character the user has selected.

Next, it was time to design the page. I've decided to recycle the primary colors from the original website and applied the colors to each section's background. The colors will differentiate the content to assist the viewer's navigation and comprehension of the page. Finally, I had to design and set up the buttons. This method will allow the viewers to read each character's description without leaving the page.

The Goal and Beyond

2019 is the year of the return of the 90s and the team wanted to transform the old school design to the new school. Therefore, we believe that this design will provide an experience to introduce this generation to the world of Space Jam.