The Misadventures of Rusty

The Misadventures of Rusty is an animated project that focuses on a dog who embarks on adventures around the world. It is an interactive animation project for mobile and tablet to learn about the world and exploring the adventures with Rusty.

Rusty's Story

One day, my aunt was taking care of her neighbor's dog in her backyard. Unfortunately, her neighbor wasn't allowed to have pets in her home, and my aunt had cats. So, the dog was living in the backyard for weeks. When I heard the news, I had to adopt him. Several years later, he is happy at his new home and my nine-year-old niece suggested that I should design an animation about my dog, Rusty. However, I didn't want the project to be an ordinary animation, but provide an interesting experience for the viewers.

Ready for Misdaventure

My research started with searching, watching, and analyzing some animations. Then, it was time to gather my findings and brainstorm for an idea. During the process, I knew that the animation would be suitable for children; therefore, it must have an experience and some type of takeaway. Then, I have decided to direct the animation to be an educational interactive story for children to be engaged and rewarded.

Embark on The Journey

It was time to move to the strategy phase. First, I had to sketch and illustrate my dog who will be the main character of the story. His appearance was essential for the project, so the player can develop a relationship with the character. Additionally, I had to design the background settings for Rusty's journey. Next, I had to plan out the interface for mobile and tablet devices. Since the project will be an interactive story, the interface must be simple and user-friendly for children. Therefore, wireframing was important to organize the visual elements. Lastly, it was time to mock up the designs into mobile and tablet format.

The Goal and Beyond

The Misadventures of Rusty will be a charming and educational experience for children on mobile and tablet devices. This experience will allow children to take their adventures with Rusty anywhere. The next move is collaborating with an animator to bring the project to life and a writer to flesh out the story for each adventure.