Nerdcore Studio

Nerdcore Studio is the symbol and representation to empower the nerd lifestyle. The mission of the studio is establishing the nerd community through the power of art, design, technology, and multimedia. It is my vision to bring the community together to support the alternative culture and enrich the discipline of visual communications.

Who Am I?

Originally, my identity was "NDGZ Studio", but I've decided to eliminate the name. I didn't want to use my name or initials because it was an overrated technique. So, it was time to redevelop my brand identity. I knew I wanted to be distinguished, but I had no idea how to be identified. I just knew that I wanted my identity to represent who I am, what I stand for, and how can my brand impact a community.

The Nerd

First, I had to do some research. I had to answer the important questions: "Who?", "What?", "When?", "Where?", "Why?", and "How?". After the research stage, it was time to brainstorm. There were several terms on the brainstorm web that resonated with me, such as "nerd", "geek", "glasses", "creative", and "multimedia". Those words were the spark to transform the studio into a nerd community. The studio will be the core for the nerd culture and Nerdcore was the pivotal word to define my brand.

Nerds Assemble!

Next, it was creating the strategy for the brand identity. A logotype and a logomark were the first stages into the strategy. The logotype was constructed with the typeface "DDC Hardware" made by Aaron Draplin. The thick font describes the strength of the nerd community. The logomark was designed to resemble the nerd archetype. The symbol carries the glasses element to represent the typical nerd and the tongue symbolizes the rebellious personality. The color was a mix of pink and red to evoke the vibrancy of the studio. Together, these elements provide the reinforcement to embrace your self-identity.

Despite the logomark is the primary design of the studio, it is an expressive, versatile symbol. The logomark has various designs for appropriate platforms or special occasions. This approach expresses the diversity of the nerd culture in the arts, gaming, technology, education, and entertainment. Lastly, it was applying the design on stationery and merchandise to expand the message of the brand.

The Goal and Beyond

Nerdcore Studio is more than myself, but creating a community. We have acknowledged that bullying is a serious and important matter in the world. It is unacceptable; therefore, the studio will be the supportive stronghold to embrace our diverse society and eliminate this problem. Nerdcore Studio will continue to strengthen its brand and deliver the message to nerds around the world. Stay Nerdy!