Designerds is a trading card game about sharing, learning, trading, and collecting your favorite graphic designers.

A Trick of the Trade

My professor assigned a project for PBDS 612, Creative Methodologies to develop a new idea for a product or service. This project was open to express our creativity and innovation. Therefore, I had an idea to create a product that surroundeded my enthusiasm for design and gaming. I was thinking about a trading card game based on graphic designers throughout history. The game will engage the player to search, collect, and learn about the cards of various graphic designers.

The Heart of the Card

First, I had to create the logotype and logomark. The typeface for the logotype was Univers, but there are two different fonts applied. The "d" is an extra bold font and the rest of the letters are light fonts. This approach combines and distinguish the logotype and logomark. The "d" with the pink diamond represents the official logomark for the back of the cards and the icon for mobile applications.

Then, it was time to design the cards. I had to cut stock paper along the same dimensions of an ordinary playing card. The front of the card will display a famous designer in a distinctive art style. The back of the card will have a diamond-pattern background with the logomark in the center. Also, the inside of the cards will have near-field communication (NFC) technology to register the physical cards as digital cards within the game's application.

Finally, I had to design the interface of the application. It was important to consider the user experience during this phase. When the user turns on the app, he/she will be introduced to the introduction page. This page will have a slide about information of the application. At the bottom, the user can choose to "Log In" if they have an existing account or "Sign Up" to create an account. Once they have an account, they will see their checklist. The user can scan their cards to the application to register their cards in their database.

The Goal and Beyond

Designerds is a trading card game that will educate artists, students, and designers to learn about graphic design while providing a fun way to play, collect, and learn. The illustrations of the designers will need a different art style. Therefore, I will work with an illustrator to improve upon the artwork.