Charley: The Garden of Friendship

The Misadventures of Rusty is an animated project that focuses on a dog who embarks on adventures around the world. It is an interactive animation project for mobile and tablet to learn about the world and exploring the adventures with Rusty.

Advocacy of Autism Awareness

A client has requested me to illustrate his children's book. He is a student assistant for autistic children and a strong advocate for autism. His experience became the determination to write a story about autism awareness. He explained that he wanted the main character to be a small cactus. One day, he received a baby cactus, and suddenly, he grew an attachment to the plant. Unfortunately, he neglected the cactus and soon, the plant withered. A cactus can easily be neglected because we may think it does not need water, but it does need a source. Just like austistic people don’t appear to need affection all the time, but they do need attention.

A Cactaceous Chronicle

My research started with learning about autism and the autistic community. I had to observe their behavior and understand their lifestyle. Then, I had gathered my research and brainstorm for an idea. During this phase, I knew that my client wanted a physical book. However, I thought we could take the book to the next level: tablet version.

The Growth of Charley

It was time to move to the strategy phase. First, I had to sketch and illustrate the character. His appearance was essential for the project, so the player can develop a relationship with the character. Additionally, I had to design the background settings for the character's journey. Next, I had to plan out the interface for tablet devices. Since the project will be an interactive story, the interface must be simple and user-friendly for children. Therefore, wireframing was important to organize the visual elements. Lastly, it was time to mock up the designs into mobile and tablet format.

The Goal and Beyond

Charley will be a charming and educational experience for children on a physical book and tablet devices. This experience will allow children to take their journey with them on the go.